Billy & Lena


He gave me a good impression when we first met. He really a polite and patient guy.  Billy is a swimming athlete, so is Lena. The difference between them is Lena grown up in an athlete family, but Billy was not. But the differences could not separate them.

Billy and Lena met when they were together joined the swimming athlete club of Indonesia. (Wow… love underwater is so romantic.. ). They have through joy and tears together.

It was so fun time when I listened to their story and they gave me an understanding that a patient character could sustains a relationship.

Years by years went by and eventually they were in a Wedding Ballroom. Smiles, laughter and happy tears colored the day, and that is always a joy to capture. I was so happy that I can be a part of their moment and I wish they can be happily ever after!

Happy wedding Billy and Lena

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